Ski Lift Operations Guide

The Guide booklets can help you develop A Great Team!

The Ski Lift Operations Guide is a great tool that helps your lift operations staff learn the basics of how lifts and lift attendants can work together to help guests use your lifts successfully.  MMS provides basic information that you draw on in your own training as you share information about your lifts, lift operations, and  ski area policies.

Give the Guide booklets to staffers before they come to your training - so you can focus on the job

Hiring the right people to work with your lifts and your customers is very important. Once you have job candidates that come to training, you can learn who has read the Guide, and who hasn't. Those that haven't might do better in another position where they work under closer supervision.

Newly updated to help you meet the ANSI B77.1 2017 Training and Documentation Requirements

Mountain Management Services, LLC has rewritten and updated the Guide to help you comply with the ANSI B77.1-2017 Standard. 

Yes, you still need to include additional information about topics like how to contact the ski patrol or other medical assistance at your ski area, how to assist  persons with disabilities at your lifts, and more - but MMS helps you cover the bases.

Add the Introduction to Lift Operations PowerPoint Template to your training!

Your training can be more effective with a strong format and good visuals. This template gives your training structure with good graphics, photos, and instructional text. Make it better with your own narration and replace our photos and graphics with your own. Photos of your people and lifts in operation can be so effective. 

Start now by taking photos of your best people in action and photos of your lift operations. You can continually update the PowerPoint to keep it up to date - but you need a starting point.

Preview the Guide and order Guide Books and the PowerPoint Template for your training!

Click the link below to see and read the Guide. If it's for you and your lifts, contact us and MMS will ship your order directly. 

The books cost is $3.90/copy, with a minimum of 25 copies per shipment. Deduct 20% for orders of 100 or more books. 

The PowerPoint template is $275 and comes with a leader's guide, copies of each slide with suggested narration, and the full template.

Shipping and handling are added to all orders. You can call us to order with a credit card. 651/484-6434.

We only accept orders from ski areas.

Check out the Review Sample!

The Black and white printed text is a great training tool. Note that only the covers of the printed book are in color.