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Ski Lift Operations Guide Books & PowerPoint Template

Book 18 is the newly updated and revised text to help you meet the requirements of the ANSI B77.1 - 2017 National Standard for Passenger Ropeways. Give your staffers a copy to read before your own training will allow you to focus more on your lift practices, procedures, and customer services.

Introduction to Snow Tubing Operations Guide Books & PowerPoint Template

Help your new snow tubing staffers get started - with information about snow tubing and what goes on. After reading this Guide they'll know more, so you can train them with the specifics of your own area's operations and procedures.

Ropeway Management Records Book ... and More to Come

This is the classic way that lift maintenance people document their work.  The 3-ring binder is easy to use, and you can add other records like rope, grip and carrier inspection documents.

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