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Ski Lift Operations Guide Booklets

AN INTRODUCTION TO CHAIRLIFTS, and to Tows, and Conveyors … and to their operation.    Created to help new ski lift operations staffers learn the basics of the equipment and the job—so you can focus your own staff training on your equipment and procedures.

Guide Book edition 16 Summary:

Same Price: $3.90 each.

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Order a copy of this Book 16 edition for each lift operations staffer—and have enough on hand for each mid-season new hire!

Give each staffer a copy before you do your training—so they have some basic information and are ready to learn about your lifts and your operations.

Text Box: Professionally written text
Easy to read and understand—well illustrated
Explains the basics of the equipment and the job—making your own training more efficient
The new lift operations staff people now have a starting place—and you can add your specific lift department procedures
Your lift operations staff can have a better season, because they know more and can enjoy their jobs more!
Open Book Test at the end—so you can review the material together (and see who did their homework).
Ski Lift Operations Guide

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Now it’s easier than ever to have a solid lift operations staff training program

Your new and returning  lift attendants will find   this 36-page text offers an easy-to-use and understand introduction  to the basics of lift operations. Many ski areas hand out the training guide to their lift attendants when they are hired, with the advice: “Read this Guide, answer the questions in the back, and bring it to our training session.”  As they read, the staff people will   pick-up ideas and the learn terms, and procedures of lift operations. Your own training can focus on your lifts and operations!

You can have a strong lift operations staff training program using the Ski Lift Operations Guide.  Order a copy for each staffer, including those you hire midseason, so you can have consistently clear messages. Expect staffers to read the Guide—if they don’t, you know they aren’t ready to work independently on your lift team.

Here’s What’s Inside:

· Chapter 1—It’s All About People Using Lifts

· Chapter 2—Learning About Lifts

· Chapter 3—Chairlift Operations … Lots Going On Here

· Chapter 4—Managing Lift, Tow, Conveyor and Weather Issues

· Chapter 5—A Few More Things To Take Note Of

· AND … Test Yourself Review

· AND … Training Checklist documentation

The Guides are $3.90 each with discounts in quantities of 100+ and are sold just for ski lift operations.            The minimum order is 20 copies.

If you are unfamiliar with our work, ski area managers can see a review copy at: 

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 The Ski Lift Operations Guide can help you comply with the training requirements of the ANSI B77.1 Standard. Add your own in-person training for a more complete program that you can be proud of! Order soon for early delivery, you’ll be hiring soon!