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Mountain Management Services, LLC

Since 1978, Mountain Management Services has been creating and refining training and management tools and services used by ski areas across North America.

MMS lift operations staff training guides have been sold to hundreds of ski areas over the years and our management tools are very widely used throughout the industry.

Company principal, Chris Stoddard, has been an educator; a ski lift attendant and operations manager; the administrator of the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee B77 on Passenger Ropeways -Tramways, Ski Lifts and Tows;  an officer of the ASTM F-27 Committee on Snow Skiing Equipment;  and the National Ski Areas Association’s Technical and Educational Program Administrator.

Today, Stoddard and Mountain Management Services, LLC provide a variety of creative ski area staff training and management tools and services. Stoddard remains an active member of the ASC B77 Committee and other industry groups.

Contact Chris Stoddard for details on any of our products or to discuss your needs for our services, we’re glad to be of assistance.

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