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Learning About Lifts

PowerPoint Presentation template

The 3-part Learning About Lifts© PowerPoint® Presentation Programs can easily be customized and updated for your use and your area. A great training tool for your new staffers. Project your PowerPoint presentation with an LCD projector for a super training session.

Demos are available to qualified ski lift operations managers, just call or Email us at        

Product Summary

The CD is easy-to-use just as it comes to you. (with a leader’s guide including a printed narration). The program leads new hires through much the same information as the Ski Lift Operations Guide—but you narrate each slide and customize it for your own needs.

When you’re ready, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint (part of Microsoft Office) to modify the slides with your own text and digital pictures.

You can use an LCD projector to show the program to your group of new hires—              pre-season … and as new staffers are added during the season.


Price: $375

· PowerPoint gives you the choice of showing the full screen picture—or the picture and our suggested narration.

· When you’re training, show the slide full screen.

· When you’re setting the program up, show a slide and our suggested narration—and modify the pictures, text and narration to suit your needs. Then you can print it out so you can use it for notes as you go through the program with your staff.

We call it a Presentation Template—you can use it just as it is, or customize it—but the major work is already done.

Part One covers the equipment.

Part Two covers the operations.

Part Three covers special circumstances.

Some areas show parts one and two to get started, and show part three later on.

Over 30 slides makeup Part One

This is an        easy-to-use training tool that you can modify and customize for your area’s lifts and procedures to present how you do things to your staff.